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Since the sexual revolution of the mid-1960s, theoretical biologists have been aware of a unique mystery lurking within the foreskins of gentiles all over the world. Upon calculating the amount of smegma that would be necessary to produce the intensity of odour that was emanating from the penises of uncircumcised males, it was discovered that the amount required would be more than four times the quantity of smegma that was detectable. To resolve this apparent paradox, it was theorised that an invisible substance, named dark smegma, was responsible for the excess odour.

To date, no dark smegma has been detected, though the consensus within the theoretical biology community is that a breakthrough is imminent.
"I apologise for the smell, it's not that I don't wash or anything, I guess I must just have a lot of dark smegma, perhaps I should get cut?"
by Minotawr October 14, 2011
The branch of mathematics that is applied when working on convoluted theories of everything and hipster sums, such as string theory and the P = NP problem, respectively. Mathematicians and Scientists who work within the field of Mushroom Mathematics employ a number of techniques, including, but not limited to: pulling Greek letters out of a hat, pin the equation on the blackboard, spin the number-wheel, and automatic writing. Typically, numerous narcotics will also be used to aid in the 'calculations'. These include magic mushrooms, LSD, and cannabis.

Proponents of Mushroom Mathematics include Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku.
"I decided to work within the field of Mushroom Mathematics, due to my lack of proficiency in regular mathematics, particularly drawing triangles and counting."
by Minotawr October 11, 2011
A trans-Atlantic derogative of indeterminate origin, generally used to berate someone who is deemed to be inferior. Usage is widely believed to date back to World War II, where it was a popular ethnophaulism among the American forces, used as a slang term for recently deceased members of the Axis Powers, particularly Japan.
"You've broken the chain on my favourite bicycle you toasted raccoon! I'm going to muck your face to shreds for this!"

"I shot down several Jappo's last night, most of them ejected but I'm pretty certain that at least one of them was toasted raccoon, his parachute didn't open, haha!"
by Minotawr October 13, 2011
The Tibetan word for penis, believed to have originated in the late 17th century.
"He took out his wangizmo and gave her an inside job to remember."

"My boyfriend's wangizmo is colossal! There's barely enough room for it in my mouth, let alone my pussy!"
by Minotawr October 12, 2011
A derogative of disputed origin, most commonly utilised to express dissatisfaction at something that is so stunningly awful that even the most infinitesimal trace of a redeeming quality is undetectable.
"I can't believe anybody would want to watch American Idol, that show is gay all over!"

"Eww! Get away from me you rascal, you're like.. gay all over!"
by Minotawr October 14, 2011
A penis that has been used to break a hymen. Intense masturbation is required prior to insurgency in order to deliver the sharp and streamlined penetration necessary for the successful destruction of the target.
"I lost my virginity to the most magnificent fap drill you could possibly imagine. My hymen didn't stand a chance."

"She sighed and remarked that she was still a virgin, so I reassured her and showed her my enormous fap drill, she felt much better after that."

"We went back to my place and she rode upon my fap drill all through the night."
by Minotawr October 12, 2011

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