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Indicating the desired collaboration between the Korean Boy Band "2PM" and the Korean girl band "After School". 2PM was widely called the beastly idols in Korea because of their fiercely sexy image. 2PM had sang and danced to every After School songs, including Ah (at the program Idol Army), Diva (at the programs Wild Bunny and M Countdown), Because of You (at the program Ingigayo/Music Trend), Bang (at the program Dream Team) and Magic Girl (at 2PM First Concert)

Meanwhile, 2PM called After School "the female beast idol" (see SBS radio show 'Heechul's Young Street') and the girls danced to two of the 2PM's songs 'Again and Again' (at the program MBC Star Dance Battle) and Heartbeat (at SBS Gayo Daejun).

Since their style is so similar, many fans of both groups wanted a formal collaboration and joint stage of the two groups in the future.
A: See! It's 9PM (2PM with another Korean cutie girl group SNSD/Girl's Generation) performance.
B: Oh! Come on! The two groups have so different style! After2PM would be so much better!!
by Minnie201011 November 04, 2010
The leader of the Korean girl band "After School", and one of the most respectable female dancer in the Korean entertainment world. She left her hometown to pursue her dream as a dancer. She was the back-up dancer for a lot of reputable singer, most widely known for BoA. She was also a member of the dancing girl group "S Blush" before joining "After School". She is the dancing teacher of Son Dambi, and very loved by the male idols in Korea, e.g. 2PM, Super Junior, Lee Junki, etc.
A: Who's this girl? She danced soooooo well?
B: She is the female beast idol, the dance machine Kahi!
by Minnie201011 November 04, 2010

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