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1) A marker that is green.
2) To hide drugs (usually weed) in a fat Crayola marker. Usually done by students, especially in elementary school, middle school and high school because markers are fairly uncommon at schools and no one ever really pays attention to them.
1) "Dude, can I borrow your green marker?"
2) "Dude, can I borrow your green marker?"
"No, it's not a marker anymore."
by Minnesotasucks March 27, 2010
A word said on 4/20/420, the stoner holiday to celebrate getting stoned.
Also see happy holidays.
"Happy Holidays! Wanna go get stoned?"
by Minnesotasucks April 20, 2010
A few subdivisions in Mankato, Minnesota.

Their are 3.
Southview 1: The oldest. Built in the early to mid 80s for families. Now it's mostly college kids because you can get a bigger house for cheap.
Southview 2: Second oldest, built in the late 80s. It's about as nice, but it's far away from MSU so not a lot of college kids live their.
Southview 3: The newest. Built in the early 2000s, it's mostly big, nicer houses. Even though it's the closest to the college, it's too expensive for college kids.
"Where do you live in 'Kato?"
"But aren't you too young?"
"Nah, I live in Southview 3."
by Minnesotasucks March 27, 2010

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