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To go to an event solely to be seen there; usually one's stay at such event is short in duration.
Guy 1: "Yo man, what are you up to tonight?"

Guy 2: "I have to make an appearance at some douchebag's birthday party, but after that I should be free."
by Minkus September 03, 2006
A computer of any sort (PC, Mac, PDA, etc) whose main functions include a platform for computer programming and pr0n; often used by engineers and CS majors
"I'm in the process of adding an 80 gig external hard drive to my codebox. I was running out of room to store my pr0n."
by Minkus April 20, 2006
one who performs annoying or irrtating but ultimately benign actions.
He took food from my fridge again: he's such a jagoff!
by Minkus June 25, 2003
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