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Bebo is a site where you can chat with your friends (it's called commenting) and you can add pictures, videos, a bolg etc.

It is commonly compared to MySpace. In my opinion, MySpace SUCKS! It is sooooooo much easier to use than MySpace!

Many beboers seem to be pissed off about the new Apps that they have added. Personaly, I don't even know WTF they are.

People say it is very popular in Ireland But it is also VERY popular in New Zealand too. My dad has Bebo.
I Likey My Bebo....I Make Skins For Bebo...
by Mini Raleigh January 03, 2008
It Is Commonly Mistaken For The Term, "Oh My God" But Trully It Means, "Oh My Gerard" As In Gerard Way. Because He Rocks. And Is Awesomely Awesome.

Could Also Be Written As OMGW.

Me: OMG (Oh My Gerard) I Saw MCR Live In Auckland!
Other Person: WTF?!? hooz MCR???nnd hooz liek, geRawrd?? Aww, I brokd a naiel!!!!!
Me: *Hits Other Person On Head With Shovel* Bitch
by Mini Raleigh January 03, 2008

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