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5 definitions by Minger Magnet

An abnormally hairy snatch
Hey bitch, shave that fuckin panty hamster, before it bite me!!
by Minger Magnet April 18, 2003
102 92
gay slang for anus. An anal locker full of chutney.
come and stick your cock right up my chutney locker!!
by Minger Magnet April 15, 2003
10 4
To expel chunky vomit in many directions at once. Often practiced just before reaching the pan.
She stood aghast as after 15 pitns he sprung forward and blew chunks over her tits
by Minger Magnet April 15, 2003
20 14
Large clumps of matted dandruff usually found in pikey folk.
You're not sleeping in my bed with all that pikey scurf you cunt!
by minger magnet April 19, 2003
1 8
A fat dykey bird who looks like she is from or should be in, prisoner cell block H.
Here comes that fuckin fat prisoner bird Sharon Rennie!!
by Minger Magnet April 15, 2003
4 14