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Great Neck is a town that Persians have, in the last 20 years, completely invaded. Instead being inhabited by normal, American Jews, Great Neck is now the home of thousands of Persians who feel the need to NEVER shave the bushes of hair they and their moms have had since birth. Every Persian in Great Neck also has a dying sensation to marry their own cousins. Each slutty girl in Great Neck, whether she's a normal Jew or a Persian, feels the need to flaunt what they don't have in Juicy outfits and $14,000 handbags. Where do Persians get this kind of money? Well, they claim to each "sell rugs". However, WHERE DO THEY GET THE MONEY TO BUY 16,000,000 DOLLAR HOMES is still a question left unanswered. Most likely, the Persians all roll drugs into their rugs and sell them in the black, hairy market. Maybe, they'll all get thrown in jail with a damn razor.... who knows?
Hairy Joon Joon in Great Neck: My dad owns 8 acres of land in Iran
SexySkinnyMan and Mindle: What does you're dad do?
Hairy Joon Joon in Geat Neck: <_< >_>
Hairy Joon Joon in Great Neck: ....He sells furniture
by Mindle & SexySkinnyMan January 22, 2006
A hung gangster; a gangster who is quite hung in any certain area. Hangsters may be associated with doing drugs and other vandilous activities such as robbing condom stores.
Sam: I am such a hangster!
Myself: *gangster
Sam: No.... I spelled it correctly... I am a hung gangster yo!
Myself: >_> <_<
by Mindle & SexySkinnyMan January 28, 2006

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