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Dave Mustaine is a musical genius. He was kicked out of Metallica in 1983 supposively because he did drugs/he was in a fight with other members of the band. He, then formed Megadeth, which pwns Metallica in several aspects.
Dave wrote a song called "Something That I'm Not" about Lars Ulrich, because they were in a fight.
Here are some lyrics of the song:
"Unlike you, I'm no vision to myself, lest you forget
You didn't ever make metal, buddy, metal made you
To crush and roll over everyone along the way
Is something that you are, something that I'm not".
Megadeth Fan #1: z0mg liek Dave Mustaine pwns Metallica so badly!!
Metallica Fan #1: z0mg liek totally stfu, "Enter Sandman" pwns.
Megadeth Fan #1: Nah... "Kick The Chair" pwns that... but okay w/e.
by Mindle November 12, 2005
The love of my life.
Someone that always thinks they are bad at things when they are really AMAZZZZING at everything they do.
Loren: OMGWTFBBQ I'm such a *****!!!
Mindle: No you're not... and I <3 you
Loren: How sweet
One week later:
Mindle: I <3 you
Loren: WTF stop being a Mateo
by Mindle November 11, 2005
The worst town in the world. It is overpopulated by Persian whores that **** their cousins, and other people (to become popular), buy juicy and treat people like ****.
There are barely any non-Persians in my town....... and it is like hell... I hate it.
My skinny friend and I want to like pwn em all!!! >_>
I hate Great Neck!!! >_>

Person #1: z0mg like give me teh head!!! >_>
Mollie: z0mg I'll do anything to become popular ^_^
Liana: z0mg I'm gonna go get some juicy pocketbooks and get some juicy clothes and hook up w/ a juicy guy!!! go juicy!!!
Junjun #1: z0mg like SAFRON!!!!
Mindle: STfu!!! >_> Go eat kebob and **** cousins...
Junjun #2: z0mg like my dad has 8 acres of land and owns 1/3 of Iran (btw this makes no sense)...
Sam: I bet he owns 8 acres of weed farms
Mindle: lmfao >_> xD
by Mindle January 20, 2006

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