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Also referred to as simply Meredith.

In reference to Grey's Anatomy; refers to the act of connecting sexually or romantically with a close friend (often who has sexual/romantic feelings towards you) which you have no sexual or romantic feelings towards. Often occurs due to loneliness/horniness or confusion.
This act will usually be followed by an immediate negative reaction from the "Meredith", after realising that they have made a mistake.
Joe: Did you hear that Sara hooked up with Zak at the party on Saturday?
Bob: No way! I thought she liked James? I mean, I knew Zak liked her...
Tim: Didn't she bail right after though?
Joe: Yeah, she was just pulling a Meredith.
by Mindelan October 30, 2006
Adjective used to describe an advertisement which is clearly using sexuality to promote its product.

Can be used with either positive or negative (or neutral) connotations, usually determined by the gender of the speaker.
Mike: That ad with Richard Branson for Virgin airline is totally sexsellent!

Betty: Lynx ads are overtly sexsellent.
by Mindelan March 26, 2010
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