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Wife beating juice.

Okay, so, not literally. So-Called thanks to its high alcohol percentage and it has a tendancy to get you very drunk and very aggresive very quickly.

Still easily the nicest lager available.
Man 1: "Been on the wife beating juice tonight?"
Man 2: "I fu*hiccup*ing love you I do! You're my besht fr*hiccup*iend!"
by MindblowN January 18, 2004
Worlds greatest lover.
Girl 1: "I had MindblowN last night"
Girl 2: "Yeah, I thought I saw you licking his balls once or twice, couldn't be sure though. He was fucking excellent though, don't you think?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, when he took me over the side of the jacuzzi, I couldn't stop screaming! He's just too damn good!"
by MindblowN January 18, 2004

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