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The distinct feeling of being utterly confused. Often as a result of school work, a messed up movie, or Shakespeare.
Me: That physics test was a mind fuck.
You: Yea, I had english and we're studying Shakespeare.
Me: We've both been mind fucked.
by Mind Fucked November 16, 2004
a type of motherfucker that can drink any kind of liquid substance, from cum all the way to eating a raw egg and not throw it back up
when u see a body builder crack 5 eggs into a glass and drink it all in one gulp and u have to be thinking damn that is one guzzle throat bitch
#guzzle throat #guzzle spit #double guzzle #guzzled #gusseled
by mind fucked May 15, 2014
someone who is always thinking of dirty raunchy sex
I don't care that, that dude talks about sex a lot but he is always talking about the most nasty dirtiest shit he can think of....what a fucking mind sleeze.
#mind fucked #mind dirt #mindless #minded #underminded
by mind fucked May 15, 2014
Super fat upper pussy area

A sfupa is commonly known as a fat upper pussy
that bitch has a fucking sfupa man...whats that? a super fat upper pussy area
#sphupa #super #fat #upper #pussy #area
by mind fucked May 15, 2014
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