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"Dirty Foreign Bassist", the Czech one from New Zealand band The Checks. Wants to "bring back the 60s". And who doesn't?
Karel is so monkey. He looks like a porn star.
by Mims May 07, 2005
A small green fruit slightly resembling a kiwifruit, mostly eaten in New Zealand. Just about anything can be related back to feijoas if you try. In any case, they are very delicious.
You can't eat a feijoa on a jetski.
by Mims May 07, 2005
Wellington, New Zealand
I'm from Welly. I live in Karori.
by Mims May 07, 2005
1. Hot, attractive (often applies to members of the Checks)
2. Just generally great
You think Sven is monkey but I know Jacob is way monkeyer.
If we went to that gig it would be so monkey.
by Mims May 07, 2005
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