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When something is so beyond being delicious, it falls into the realm of Haikaliscious
That girl at the club was hot! She was totally Haikaliscious!
by mimic77 November 08, 2010
When your mouth springs open from shock/surprise/pleasure and makes a big O, that is nearly impossible to close.
when I read Haik's message on facebook, I had a Haiktastic look on my face!
by Mimic77 November 08, 2010
Being so cracked out on crystal meth that you end up being the white meat in a black gang bang.
I shouldn't have smoked so much meth at the club last night, I totally got balukeviched! I need a shower....
by mimic77 November 11, 2010
When you give a much better looking man than yourself a rusty trombone and when he's about to blow his load, you let him blow it on your hair so that you can style it in a poofy gay version of wolverine.
I totally got Jos Loco'd by the head bouncer at my job and I thanked him for it!
by mimic77 November 10, 2010
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