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A non-Japanese person who:

-Watches excess ammounts of anime
-Studies Japanese language(they pretend to know the language in real life)
-Eats sushi and other japanese crap
-Goes to school wearing Japanese clothes (ie.Japanese school uniforms)
-Names their 'tomodachi' (friends) suffix -chan, -san,
or -kun.
-Owns at least one Japanese version of a Super Mario video game.
-Watches FF3 Tokyo Drift to jack off to hot Japanese girls
-Stalks Japanese girls and raids their drawers for their panties
-Is a Japanese know-it-all
-Jacks off to hentai
-Plays DDR only coz its Japanese
-Listens to Japanese crappy music (ie. J-Rock or J-Pop)
-Usually socially rejected
-(Girls) talks in a squeaky Japanese accent voice
-Wishes they could go to Japan to meet their favourite J-Rock artist
-Has their room decorated in tatami, bamboo windows, and geisha dolls

I love Japan's culture very much, but i simply can't stand non Japanese people who want to 'rape' the culture of Japan. Ughh! It's sooooooooo annoying!
Wapanese girl: Konnichiwa! My names Kyoshi-chan! I eat sushi obento everyday and watch Inuyasha! Isn't my high school uniform Kawaii?

Real Japanese girl: Shut up! Your name is really Katie and not Kyoshi. You're such a wapanese!

Wapanese girl: Well...I'm off to listen to my new Puffy CD! Sayounara Keiko-chan!

Real Japanese girl: What a loser!
by Mimi Ferguson April 26, 2007

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