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When someone is acting like a bitch nigga, and they are given a challenge to test their bitch niggadum. This can happen between one person calling another a bitch nigga, or two people who are calling each other bitch niggas, in which case the bitch nigga challenge is usually some sort of fight or contest.
Singular Bitch Nigga Challenge:
Collin: I gotta take a piss...

Josh: Go to the bathroom

Collin: Naaaah, I'm just gonna piss on your couch

Josh: You better not or I'll kick your ass!

Collin: You won't do shit, bitch nigga (Collin begins pissing on his couch, and Josh indeed does not kick his ass, making him a bitch nigga).

Bitch Nigga Challenge between two people:
Bill: He tried telling me that I was the bigger bitch nigga. Yeah, fuck that.

Rob: So what did you do?

Bill: I put him in an arm-bar and made that bitch nigga tap out like the bitch nigga he is
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by Mimetime111000 May 13, 2010
Similar to a cleveland steamer, a sexually deviant act that involves taking a shit on another person's face while they are asleep/unconscious, usually as a cruel act or act of revenge.
Guy 1: Yeah, at the party she was flirting with me all night and telling me she wanted to bang me, but the bitch was just leading me on and fucking with me.

Guy 2 : Wow, what a bitch.

Guy 1: Yeah, but its okay because when she finally passed out, I went Greek Warrior on her.
#shit #revenge #kinky sex #politics #poo face #sainthood #respectful #missionary #normal #cleveland steamer #poop #greek #greek warrier
by MimeTime111000 May 14, 2010
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