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2 definitions by Milziz

When a friend goes through your drawers at a party and pulls out your vibrator. Only to turn it on and put her finger on it.


Playing with a mans penis with only your finger.
*Oh my god guys come and look at this*
Girl pulls out her friend's vibrator and starts playing with it in front of everyone.


*Girl is tossing a guy off*
Guy : What the hell are you doing?
Girl : Penis fingering you?..
by Milziz November 14, 2009
6 9
A very bad sexual experience
Girl: Can i use my toes to toss you off?
Boy: Oh hell no! Thats disgusting.

Guy 1: Did you hear about Mike and that girl last night?
Guy 2: Yeah man i heard he got toe wanked.
by Milziz November 14, 2009
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