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Located on the far went side of Milwaukee Wisconsin is a city by the name of West Allis. Formed in 1906, West Allis is the 7th largest city in Wisconsin and the mayor’s name is Jeannette Bell. West Allis has two huge high schools, West Allis Central and Went Allis Hale. West Allis is a great place to live if you are young, starting a family, or getting ready to retire. No uppity pricks in this city though. Most people think of West Allis as “white trash”. In all truth we just keep it real. We work hard and we play hard. Kids from the age of 16 to 18 will cruise HWY 100, from age 21 and up you can find many places to get your drink on at, such as Stacy’s, Magoos, Ben’Os, Club Paragon, Las Pamas and The Dirty Martini are some of the more known places. Any whore form “Stallis” is known as a “stoe” (Stallis hoe). If you are form Stallis you get offended real easy by anyone who calls your city anything but West Allis or Stallis. We take pride in being born and raised here so we don’t take shit from anyone trying to put us down. Many people respect some of the smaller celebrities from this city. There is the Prince of Stallis Neal Steffek who has spent his 31 years in the city drinking at almost every bar. Jeffery Dahmers parents lived in Stallis. Olympic speed skaters Dan Jansen and Chis Whitty are also from Stallis. West Allis is also the home of the largest Professional Wrestling company in Wisconsin, Mid-American Wrestling. The events used to be held at the Knights of Columbus on 92nd but had to move in part of politics in Stallis.
person1) Where did you get that black eye?
person2) I got in a bar fight in Stallis.
person1) Figures.
by Milwaukee's Best June 29, 2006
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