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In sports betting, a back door cover occurs when the team you wagered on covers the spread in the last minutes of the game. Often times this happens when the actual game is a blow out, yet the spread or line of the game is still at play.
The Giants kicked a late field goal to give me a back door cover. They lost by 10, but covered the 12 point spread.
by Milt Deezy April 27, 2007
Winning big in Las Vegas.

The notion that you will win SO much money, you'll take a casino's entire bankroll. The only option left is to burn the casino down for insurance money.
Man, I can't wait to go to Vegas. We're gonna burn down the Palms!

Guy #1: How'd you do in Vegas? Did you burn down a casino?
Guy #2: Nah, I lost $1,000.
by Milt Deezy May 10, 2007
Part of the action in describing a back door cover in gambling. The 'Escalade' is used to 'break down the back door' to win a sports bet late in the game.
My team is only down 6, I'm gonna bring the Back Door Escalade around and break through the door!
by Milt Deezy April 27, 2007
Verb. The act of cheering for a team while on the wagon. A common variation of Steaming the Wagon is steam it.
The Padres need our help, they need more guys steaming the wagon.

We steamed the wagon hard and the Colts won a close one.

..as the Browns begin to lose...
Fan #1: The Browns wagon is losing steam!
Fan #2: Steam the wagon!!!
by Milt Deezy May 10, 2007
A phrase used as the phrase 'make it happen' would be used. Steam it is a derivitive of steaming the wagon. Steam it can be used in any situation from sports, relationships, jobs, etc.

Steam it can be used instead of countless verbs.
Guy #1: I don't know if I should go out with Nichole.
Guy #2: Dude, steam it.

Guy #1: Hey, did you steam that new job?
Guy #2: Sure did. Hired me on the spot.

I think we should steam Red Lobster for dinner.

When in doubt, steam it!
by Milt Deezy May 10, 2007
Short for "Bandwagon." The Wagon refers to cheering for a specific sports team, often for sports gambling purposes. Cheering hard for a team can entail, getting more people "on the wagon," steaming the wagon, "throwing coal on the fire," and "pushing the wagon."

Who wants to get on the Steelers wagon with me?

Comon guys! The Dodgers game is tonight. Get on the wagon!
by Milt Deezy May 10, 2007

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