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exclamation. usually used in lieu of terms you may hear and/or use on a farm or hear from a hillbilly, a blathering fool, or an employee at the DMV, such as "as crazy as all hell" or "my goodness, this silliness has taken control of his(or her) senses" or "this line is crazy long".
That is as dangerous as all get up and fuck. (or) Those two guys chasing the sheep towards the cliff are crazy as all get up and fuck.
by MillsFokk July 28, 2009
the result of female circumcision or genital mutilation done in certain cultures, rendering the female sex organ apparently incapable of ecstasy or orgasm.
It was a sad day when the silence of the clams overtook the young women of the village.
by MillsFokk August 16, 2009
something horrible or morbid in the written word, on film, or in an image, that explains itself in a way you can understand and/or appreciate. creating something horrible or morbid that is not simply to shock, scare, or disgust people.
Some of Edgar Allen Poe's work, like the Cask of Amontillado, had a sort of morbid vailidity behind it. (or) I saw that horror movie, Final Destination, and it seemed that most of the killings were done to shock people, it lacked morbid validity compared to a movie like Silence of the Lambs.
by MillsFokk August 16, 2009
when something going on live is simultaneously put on the internet through a site like twitter, facebook, or some other kind of blog; a simulcast online, using a close captioning without the video. typing news via text as a true "eyewitness news person".
I missed that part of the press conference because I was too busy simultyping on my blackberry. (or) I don't like when people simultype concerts on Twitter, and later on upload shitty quality videos on youtube of the concert. (or) Did he really just simultype that President Obama farted at the All Star Game?
by MillsFokk August 05, 2009
when a priest is caught having sex with a nun, and he has to save face with his parish community
Father O'Thomas sure got himself into a cuntnundrum when he had sex with Sister O'Hillary Shea during bingo last night.
by MillsFokk August 25, 2009
when somebody is snoring loudly, on the intake of the snore, when it sounds like a snore that has pauses in, sounding like an old man with diarrhea in the public restroom.
I was in my dorm room at college, and my roommate started to shit snore something fierce, almost sounded like he was starting a lawnmower or something.
by MillsFokk August 24, 2009
slang for vomit, puke, barph.
At the carnival, we were all trying to avoid the piles of used food all over the walkway near the thrill rides.
by MillsFokk August 25, 2009

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