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2 definitions by MilliHAX

he said he made extra money due to normalo.
by MilliHAX October 21, 2009
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Where a man or woman defecates all over a woman or man's "greelz" and then the receiver "swooshes" the feces around their mouth and spits it back out into the original person's anus. They then leave it sit for twenty to thirty minutes. This is known as the "baking" period. After the time is up, the man or woman who was originally shit on, scoops the regurgitated feces out of the anal cavity and spreads it over white bread and proceeds to eat it and share it with others.
"What's that on yo' breaf' skank?"

"Jimmy gave me an egg salad a few minutes ago."
by MilliHAX October 16, 2009
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