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1 definition by Milli3434

A card game with the sole intention of getting drunk. The number of players required is 2 and up. People mix themselves drinks (usually vodka+juice/sprite/coca etc.) and sit in a circle around a deck of cards. Players start pulling cards in a circle till the deck runs out. Then you start all over again. Every card has a specific meaning agreed upon before starting the game.

Some common rules are:
Queen: women drink (a sip)
King: guys drink
Ace: the taker picks who drinks
2: the taker + one other drinks
3,4,5: the taker + x others drink

Other common rules include bathroom card, "I went on a holiday and with me I packed..." (the loser drinks), a card that empowers the taker to make up a new rule (the more confusing the better) etc.
Example 1.
teener 1: "Hey there's a bottle of Katjusha her, anyone up for gaylord?"
teener 2: "Yaaay!"

Example 2.
Johnny was late for work the other day due to playing gaylord till early hours.
by Milli3434 January 28, 2010