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2 definitions by Mill3rtim3

The act of concentrating on defacating or taking a shit so hard that you subsequently rupture an important blood vessel to the brain and die.

Thus, Death + Defacate = Deathacate
Ted: Dude, did you hear about Robby?!

Pauly: Yea Ted...I heard he deathacated.

Ted: That's a shitty way to go man.
by Mill3rtim3 October 17, 2008
a dirty, pirate-like hooker. Often times used to describe someone you either
a.) dont like
b.)just committed an act that you do not like

most oftenly used as a exclaimation
Suzy: Ethan your a dick!

Ethan: Shut up you dirty pirate hooker! go back to your home on whore island!
by Mill3rtim3 October 17, 2008