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When a bare breasted girl bends over and her tits get really long as all the weight falls to the end. It resembles rocks in tube socks held at the top
Yo Brian, one of them bitches that was naked in the hot tub the other night bent over to get her flip flops and her titties hung down like rocks in tube socks. Thought them titties was gonna hit the ground.
by Mill-na July 09, 2009
When you consume a large quantity of Alchohol and forget events during the time frame you were intoxicated, either intentionally or unintentionally. Usually this is followed by an apology to those offended.
"Dood, my ol lady told me you were hitting on her last night"
"Man, I sure don't remember anything like that, either that beotch is lyin like a rug or I might have some Alcholzheimers goin on.
by Mill-na July 23, 2009
Big booty girl that each time she takes a step, the back of her leg flips up her butt cheek and when done in alternating steps makes her ass jiggle all over the place.
Honey, when you walk your ass looks like two hippos under a blanket wrestling, Sweet!

Checkout the J in the T on that bitch, looks like two hippos under a blanket.
by Mill-na July 15, 2009

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