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The small pieces of indeterminate origin that have found their way into chip shop curry sauce. They may look horrible but are damn tasty.
Customer: What are these floating bits in my curry sauce?
Chippy owner: What...those? Why young sir...those are mystery lumps!
by Milky655 April 21, 2010
When a string of exclamation marks turns into 1s on instant messengers.
Person 1: Hey man wht up?
Person 1: mate...whts with the 1?!
Person 2: sorry...shift happens!!!!1!
by Milky655 April 28, 2010
The disgusting taste that you get in the morning on wake up. Ofter accompanied by a compelling need for a drink. This feeling is experienced most mornings but is intensified after a heavy night of drinking or after a curry.
Text 1: Hey man...how good was last night!? Had such an amazing night
Text 2: Yeah it was pretty good but the curry followed by drinking gave me the world's worst sewer mouth....
Text 3: Yeah ditto...
by Milky655 May 03, 2010

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