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The need to take a shit.
Bruce: Hey Dude why are you late?

Alex: Sorry man, I had to ease a gator into the water.
by Milky2010 November 08, 2009
A really expensive, usually stainless-steel BBQ Grill that takes up more space on a deck or patio than necessary to cook food. Sometimes comes with a Rotisserie Attachment that is never used.
Bruce: Hey Dudes, come check out my Man Grill

Alex: Dude, what the hell do you need a 14 foot grill for? As if you will ever use that Rotisserie attachment.

Bruce: FO
by Milky2010 November 08, 2009
The act of a group of guys standing in a circle at a party and slipping their nutsacks through their zippers with hopes that an innocent bystander (usually female) in the middle of the group, will look down and see 5 or more sacks of onions.
Tamara was traumatized when she realized she was a victim of a game of Team Onions.
by Milky2010 November 08, 2009
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