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The use of rhythmic beats and words used to convey ones circumstances, experiences, or dreams past, present, or future. Rap is a form of poetry just as country, rock/punk, or any other form of music.They all make you subconsciously or consciously move to the music. They sway you.

The only reason why it's so bad is because of the way it has been displayed. Rap, in the mainstream, has been portrayed as misogynal, corrupt, violent, impetuous, demeaning, and ignorant. Basically it's secular. Rap has been tainted as it entered the mainstream. Gangsta rap is not real. It's only a bunch of igonorant fools who make fun of themselves and their race and they basicall make black people look ignorant. Now not all rap is fake or garbage. The truth of the matter is that there is an equal amount of MC's tryin to reverse the course of rap. It's just that they can't make it onto the radio stations without sounding ghetto or ignorant. Idiots like 50 cent, Snoop, and all the new gangsta rappers who only get onto the mainstream by putting a lil in front of their names are fake. They only talk about guns, bitches, hoes, money,cars, akohol, and drugs. Rappers like Common, Kanye, Lupe, Rhyme Fest, Mos, and Talib try to liberate ignorant minds but people love ignorance. I'm tired of people saying that they must change the industry. Before you change the industry, change yourself. Black people listen to crap music. Then whenever someone outside of the race says something like nigger or hoe we get mad, but rappers today say it all the time. Now I'm not tryin to justify racism, but we have to stop being hypocrites. When sum1 says bitch or hoe we get all mad, have al Sharpton talk about sum bull, then 3 months later we forget the entire situation. It's like a stimulant. Hot for now but cold later. Rap has to be purged in order for it to become true again.
Good Rap= Kanye, Common
Garbage Rap= 50 cent, Snoop
by Milky Milk May 20, 2007

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