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An alien child that goes MROW, owns a spaceship, and goes out with a girl with a mouse in her hair, who bobs when she walks.
A: Is that a plane?
B: Uhh, no.
A: Is it a bird? :S
B: Uhh, no dumbass. It's JWNHLF in his new spaceship.
by Milky Bar Kid April 10, 2009
Acronymic term for "Jake With Non-Human-Like Features".
Often used to describe someone with a physical or mental feature which is unusal for a human.
A: Who's that over there?
B: I dunno, he looks like JWNHLF!
by Milky Bar Kid April 10, 2009
Plural of 'Jack-up'.
When someone has more than one Jack-up.
A: Look at that guy over there!
B: What about him?
A: The jackii!
by Milky Bar Kid April 10, 2009
Somebody who was born in Pakistan.
Derived from the word 'Jamama', a place in Pakistan, and 'Cake', something which is made.
A: Hey Tim, wanna come bowling this Saturday?
B: Nah soz, I can't Fred. I'm hanging out with the Jamamacakes this weekend.
by Milky Bar Kid April 09, 2009
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