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City with a history. Has a famous pier that's broken down 7-8 times due to harsh weather. If you're a redneck don't expect to be taken-kindly-to here. Riversiders and tourists who junk up the beach will be verbally "thrashed" by surf lingo until their ears bleed. Main Street is the main hangout spot for the city and you can always find the hot beach babes down there Monday through Sunday. Schools iclude all types of people; from punk to goth to emo to preppy to nerdy to gang-bangers and even normal people. Teachers are usually all old and cranky except a few who are chill from the beach air. Temperature is nice all year 'round with Winter reaching 50's sometimes and summer's hitting 100+. There's anything and everything to do in HB and don't refer to it as "The OC" or you will be shanked. If you like hot women, relaxed people, surfer dudes, night-life fun, and even suburbia come to Huntington Beach.
Surf Lingo:
Gnarly-crazy or cool. EX: "That wave was gnarly!"

Bra'-Not refering to the female undergarment. A slurred version of "Bro" as in "brother/brotha". Means close friend. White equivillant of "homie". EX: "Sha', bra' that was sweet."

Sha'-Slurred version of "yeah". EX: (see above example)

Douche & Jew-Common disses or burns used in HB.
by Milky April 08, 2005
To take a crap.
--I don't feel so good guys, I think I have to punch a nasty.
--I'm bout to punch a nasty on your f***ing face, biatch!
by Milky February 16, 2004
a whitetrash dopehead from the suburbs
that likes nedan.
no one fucks and smokes like milky
by milky November 09, 2003
Name Given to a mates lame Puffer fish which he flushed down the toilet
Puffy now lives at the sewage works.
by Milky September 25, 2003
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