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a term used to describe the telephone booth in which Ron Burgundy is encased in after the assumed death of his spanish-speaking dog, Baxter.
'glass case of emotion': classic Ron
by Milkwasabadchoice August 17, 2006
As quoted in the movie Moulin Rouge, "A village of sin" located in "the center of the Bohemian world", a.k.a. Paris, France. A quaint area of Paris on top of a hill which includes many sites, such as the famous white basilica, the Sacre-Coeur, and the absinthe-induced nightclub, the Moulin Rouge. The village is home to many French artists who sell their artwork fresh from the easel on the small avenues. Home to the great restaurant, Catherine's (English translation), in which the traditional red and white checked tablecloths are displayed right up next to French painters.
Montmartre is my favorite place in all the world. Not to mention the red windmill which inspired my favorite movie of all time.
by Milkwasabadchoice August 16, 2006
The preferred drink of choice by Ron Burgundy, who often consumes it and sings his undying love for it. Ron deeply regrets having milk one day on the streets of San Diego instead of the love of his life.
Ron: I love scotch! Scotchy scotch scotch!
by Milkwasabadchoice August 17, 2006
1. The character who messes up EVERYTHING for Satine and Christian in Moulin Rouge.
2. A disgusting, selfish, crazy pervert
3. A person whose name is never revealed
"The Duke! HIDE!"

"Everyone knows. Harold knows. And sooner or later the Duke will find out too."
by milkwasabadchoice October 17, 2006
The most inventive and creative director around. Inventor of the best movie ever, Moulin Rouge, which he was co-producer, director, and co-writer of.
I think I love Baz Luhrmann.
by Milkwasabadchoice August 16, 2006
Pulling off a surprise that is most likely shocking; of course this is according to Michael Scott.
"I'm gonna drop a deuce on everyone."
by milkwasabadchoice October 17, 2006
An Australian multi-talented actress who exudes much more class and elegance than most people in Hollywood. Can sing and dance as shown in Moulin Rouge and the duet with Robbie Williams, "Somethin' Stupid".
“I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back. It's important not to focus on yourself too much.”
—Nicole Kidman
by Milkwasabadchoice August 17, 2006
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