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The force behind the UK TV scene. Raising the bar above all the others. Known for there high standards and quality.
thats a Dupe; grab the m00tv version, it was released hours ago, and it looks and sounds great.
by MilkMan September 10, 2003
Fear of fecal matter. Particularly caused by watching Fecal Japan or seeing things you shouldn't on rotten.com
After fecal Japanime I was so fecalphobic I coudln't go into the shitter, so I just dropped trow outside.
by milkman May 02, 2003
Someone who is ubsessed wit porn
Mathew is a milky
by Milkman May 13, 2004
Fine piece of ACE! Usually looks good.
I used my nose to dance all over Neal.
by Milkman March 25, 2003
Black girl. When black girls forget to put on lotion they turn a gray color.
Yo man! That grey girl last night at the party was nasty! And you danced with her!
by Milkman April 01, 2003
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