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Rexdale is a culturally-diverse, working-class neighbourhood occupying the North-West portion of Toronto. Although known for gang activity and high crime rates, Rexdale is no more dangerous than most of Toronto as a whole. You'll rarely see graffiti or discarded needles, and the people there can be super-nice - you just gotta treat 'em like human beings; smile and they'll smile back. Get on the bad side of the wrong people, you might get the shit beat outta you.

Hipsters from downtown will tell you the area is predominantly black (and therefor dangerous, because they're a pack of racist assclowns), when in reality, the area is generally a mix of Canadian citizens and immigrants from Italy, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and India. The area is poor, yes, but frankly, I'd much rather deal with the "gangstas" from the Rex than the pretentious fucks from Wood-a-bridge.
Thornhill kid: "Yo, dude, I was in Rexdale last night, and this black guy jumped me! Like, shit, it's so dangerous there!"

East York kid: "No dude... I was there. That never happened."

Thornhill kid: "STFU, those niggahs gonna pay!"

East York kid: "... *sigh*"
by Milhos Almas February 24, 2011

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