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Crocklamation (Krok la ma' shun) noun. 1. A completely bogus proclamation of some kind. 2. A false proclamation. 3. A failure to proclaim something.
"The Governor's Office refused to return requests for a timely announcement, so program managers were forced to make due with his official crocklamation."
by Milfia September 29, 2009
PDAdar is radar for Public Displays of Affection, or "PDA," and refers to an innate knowing for when it is or is not appropriate to engage in PDA.
Guy: Hey baby gimme some sugar.
Gal: Not here, there are too many people and my PDAdar is going off.
Guy: Ok, well how about behind those bushes over there??
by Milfia March 20, 2011
Faceblitz describes the behavior of Facebook users who seldom log on but, when they do, comment on everyone's pics, update their entire profile and generally go nuts with the Likes for a solid hour before logging off for another five weeks. Frequently correlated to drunken Facebooking.
I see Preeta went on a Faceblitz today--I guess it's good to know she's still alive.
by MILFIA October 09, 2010
A blow job given as a form of congratulations.
John: I got the promotion to HR Specialist III today!
Mary: That's great--allow me to offer you my congratfelations.
John: Oh hells yeah!
by Milfia January 07, 2010

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