1 definition by Miley Coyote

Noun: Refers to an acquaintance, FaceBook friend, classmate, work associate, indirect friend, (e.g. a good friend's friend), or any individual not quite within the realm of closeness required to be deemed a "real" friend.

Coined from the "sup dude" slurred toward supdudes when passing by since there is simply no other interaction or common experience worth sharing.

*Supdude is a completely subjective term such as "friend" or "brother." A supdude to one could be a friend to another.
"How was the party?
"It sucked it was just me and a bunch of supdudes."

"Who invited all the fucking supdudes?"

"Is that your friend or just some supdude?"
by Miley Coyote April 24, 2012

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