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Pentucket Regional High School is a tri-town school for Groveland, West Newbury and Merrimac Mass. It is located in West Newbury, though through the years Merrimac has tried to build a new high school on their side of the Merrimack River. Pentucket is notorious for fights, being underfunded, drug use, bomb threats, and a nationwide hazing incident with a banana and some teabagging. A few football players at camp decided to violate the freshmen. They claimed they did it for the lulz. The high school is too small for its 1000 or so students and can ill afford the proper supplies or staff to run a high school. Despite all this, Pentucket is rated among the best schools in MCAS and SAT testing. How that fucking happened... No one knows.
Outsider "What school do you go to?"
Pentucketer "Pentucket"
Outsider *throws banana at Pentucketer*
by Miles Cockwood May 03, 2012

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