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The best sidekick (why not main character) who was ever created! I mean, who would think of a two tailed fox, huh?
ME! Oh, and all the sonic games, always look behind the blue hedgehog, and you will see me, er I mean tails.
by Miles "Tails" Prower July 31, 2003
1.)S.T.U.P.I.D. (Something The Underworld Puked Into Destiny...)

2.) An Insualt to any other animal in existence.

3.) God's way of dilapadating and destroying Earth.

4.) What scientests believe seperate them from "animals" (which humans are to) is the fact they have emotions. (THAT PISSES ME OFF THE MOST)

5.) Last but not least, God punishing the Earth, for unknown reasons...
1.) *BARF* Its a boy!

2.) Dude, you're such a human! *gunshot*

3.) (God): Hmm...alright, Kill the Dinos, I got a new way for the Earth to Pay *snicker*

4.)You kick a dog, it might bite your head off, or run away crying, THAT WAS A PERFECT DISPLAY OF EMOTION!!!

5.) (Earth): Nooooo! Im sorry I made Mars jealous of color!!! What will you do?!

(God):Put humans on your planet.

(Earth): MERCY! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!1
by Miles "Tails" Prower November 09, 2004
A word used for a ghedo area in a city where there is usually punks, graffiti, couches on fire, trash on fire, tempoarly a rock concert, people being mugged on the spot with no one caring, preferrabily with a dark sky. Dirty buildings, tanks, guns, no one caring, etc.
Four lost tourists visit emir town.

Tourist 1, "Woah, that guy just mugged an old lady, and she threw a grenade at him!"

Tourist 2, "That tank blew that guy's head off!!!"

Tourist 3, "That plane just bombed the mayor's house!!!"

Tourist 4, "Those LSD smoking kids just got blown away by a landmine!"

(A native comes along"

Native: "Yo!!! WAZZZZZZZZZZZZZUUUPPPP!!! WATCH OUT FOR THAT *hic* NU-*hic* KE!!! *hic* *hic*

(You know the rest)
by Miles "Tails" Prower March 23, 2004
If this guy cant run faster than road runner, you got to be kidding, I mean road runner cant run at the speed of sound you bastard!
See them race!
by Miles "Tails" Prower August 01, 2003
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