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one who sifts poop. 2nd harvest mmmmmmmmm
mike likes to poopsift for peanuts.
by miles January 24, 2004
The portion of the body sited above the knee, below the waiste and on the inside of the leg. Usually touched by Uncles, preists and dads. Well Paul's is.
The priest gasped when he saw the little boys meaty thigh and he popped 300,000 boners per sec and almost fainted. But no, he grabbed it and rubbed his penis on it and came all over it and then got sued for a million dollars for not licking his mess off.
by Miles March 29, 2005
The act of accidentally squeezing the testicles very roughly between closed, bent legs.

origin: The thighs, when opened and closed, look like a whale's mouth.
Carlos whale-chomped himself.
by Miles May 19, 2004
A cocktail consisting of ice, 2 jiggers of Gin, 3 jiggers of Squirt.
Yo, Beeatch! Git yo hanz off my jug o' Chicken Squirt!
by Miles December 30, 2003
a human sized home wrecker who cant stop smoking and has too many gatherings
yeh everyone is going round spunkingtons for a smoke and to wreck homes
by miles April 19, 2003
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