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The Orca, contrary to popular belief, is an ocean DOLPHIN, and not a whale at all. It's the largest species of its family, and the biggest badass animal in this planet's waters. Usually preys on small fish and mammals, but has also been seen killing great white sharks and blue whales just for fun.
Everybody thinks great whites are the shit, when there are orcas out there that hunt and kill great whites just because they like the taste of their livers. It's true, look it up on google.

Animals like the Orca make me proud of being a mammal.
by Mikz January 16, 2008
People who disregard (or make up) facts to spread that ATI is better than nVidia.
All those ATIdiots fail to realize the ONLY time ATI actually had better cards than nVidia was when they released their 9xxx series. So nVidia lost once in the eight generations of it's GeForce chip, doesn't sound like ATI has that much to brag about at all.
by Mikz January 18, 2008

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