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Awesome Japanese band. Wrote "Change the World" which is the first theme for Inuyasha. Truly awesome.
"I want to change the world, kaze wa kakekute nanimo shoezune..."
by MikoNightShade September 20, 2003
An insulting term for a Japanese priest, Miroku is often reffered as such.
by MikoNightShade September 07, 2003
The BURNINATOR. What more is there to say?
Trogdor is the awesomest dragon ever!
by MikoNightShade September 14, 2003
A cute little guy who is actually a badass sidekick for StrongBad.
Oh, the Cheat! My kawaii little snuggle-doo! ^^
by MikoNightShade September 07, 2003
Japanese band whose song "Fukai Mori" is the second Inuyasha ending song.
"Fokudachiwa, samayoyokata, ikedayeku, sotomezaru..."
by MikoNightShade September 20, 2003
An evil blue drink that was voted PepsiCo's Most Likely Candidate For Hell of The Year.
by MikoNightShade August 23, 2003
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