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When you get all emotional and sad and get all teary eyed and crap and have the urge to listen to Dashboard Confessional.
Girl: Oh my God, you're actually leaving? *tries to hold back tears*
Boy: Yeah... I'm sorry. I have to. *cuddles close*
Girl: *sniffles* Don't make me have an emo moment.
by Miko August 19, 2004
best fuking CS player in the world .... beat up adam frod and kurpt ... pwnz all #miami miko`a1{H}
MiKo pwned fRoD at the lan.
by miko December 30, 2004
A person who stutters or garbles there words when excited, frustrated or drunk.
If your at a club and your friend is drunk and and gets kicked out of a club. He is Mumbles...
by Miko July 23, 2003
A lowsens game player is a player that, rather than opting for the speed of a high sensitivity mouse setting, prefers the precision of a lower sensitivity, and makes up for it with fast mouse movements.

Typically seen in competitive FPS gaming; though it is less common than high sensitivity play
"Why is your cursor moving so damn slow?"
"Sorry I still have my lowsens settings on from Quake"
by Miko February 22, 2005
the combination of a rizzi and a queer,
rizzi = a fucked-up fagget, a sick
queer = weirdo
queerzi matela the friendly neighboring fagget
by Miko April 05, 2005
Any golden retreiver with three legs. It will often bark happily if you suck his red rocket
Miko gave moka a rusty trombone while colin gave him a bilbo baggins.
by MIKO January 11, 2005

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