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1 definition by Miknordael

1.The act of trying to pull your testicles out of the mouth of your upset sexual partner when he/she refuses to release sucking action.

2.A game in several men use wieghts to stretch their shorn scrotums, and then using a ruler to determine the individual with the greatest elasticity.

3.The unfortunate event where an anal sphincter muscle spasms and the male cannot remove his testicles from the anus.

1. That bitch, Kelly, played bungee balls with me last night and I can't sit down.

2. Jimmy's ball sack extended 2 inches more than mine during this weekends bungee ball tournament.

3. The doctor has to use forceps to remove my bungee balls from Fred's backdoor.
by Miknordael May 04, 2007
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