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a meal between lunch and dinner. (very important meal)
what do you want for linner?
by Mikkel Krogh April 21, 2008
Happy, jolly, sadisfied, joyous
He was rather minchy today
by Mikkel Krogh April 14, 2008
alternately referred to as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent. the Serpent from norse mythology big enough to reach around the world and bite it's own tail
Odin was eaten by jörmungandr
by Mikkel Krogh April 23, 2008
to be super, extra, mega, humongus, extra ordinary, unrealistic, american land whale, more like planet like fat
do I look fat in these pants?
no you look builk!
by Mikkel Krogh April 14, 2008
A disease where you jump up and down costantly
why is he jumping so much?

He has Blackkinitis
by Mikkel Krogh April 21, 2008
extremely late dinner (all meals after 21:00 to 04:00)
I ate my dinner but I'm still hungry. I think I'll go for some dight
by Mikkel Krogh April 21, 2008
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