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2 definitions by Mikja

The most bullshit award show on the planet.Most of the time,they always let the wrong people win,who doesn't deserve an ounce of respect..and left the deserving ones in the corner.Awards show who don't know shit about music and the viewers at home are choked at the results.The grammy members who decides for winners need to be murdered,and needs to go back to a music school.
why did amy winehouse won the grammy awards for the best new artist? taylor swift deserved it much better
by Mikja January 06, 2009
93 25
aka amy crackhouse,a druggie.a talented singer who's talent has been overshadowed by her disgusting,crazy,wild late night drug sessions.and snorts more coke than a vaccum cleaner in a cocaine convention.doesn't have any respect for herself.and an idiot.shameless.known for her mountainous hair which look like home of the Yeti
dude,where's the flour?...i don't know,amy winehouse probably took it,she must've mistaken it for cocaine
by Mikja January 19, 2009
214 275