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The sub in a Dom/Sub relationship, the sub chooses to submit their will to the Dom/Master.
A special love that few understand, being the love slave is not humiliating or degrading in anyway.
The master loves and cherishes his/her slave more than anything they possess and in return for this highest form of love, the slave wishes to make their master happy, even if the masters requests are inconvenient to the slave. The love slave belongs to the master and loves him/her more than anyone.

In some Dom/Sub relationships you can see the master walking the Love slave on a leash and collar, showing their special love to the world.
The slave can also be called the masters Pet or Kitty, and may part-take in kitty play or puppy play.
1. Love slave: "Can we go for a walk master?"

Master: "Of course my Kitty, let me get your leash."

Bystander: "Oh my god that is so degrading to women!" *points to leash held by Master*

Love slave: "This is in no way degrading to women! I choose to wear this despite ridicule from women like you!"

2. Onlooker: "See the look that girl gives her boyfriend? She's totally his love slave!"

3. Love slave: "I will do anything for my master, when master is happy I am as well!"
by Miki loves her master June 05, 2009

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