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A female that drags unwilling participants around a maze of shops which sells various miniature garments at ridiculous prices. She will walk slowly picking up what she perceives to be a “bargain” and occasionally purrs to herself. The time spent in one shop varies from female to female but can be anywhere between 30 minutes and 6 days without food or water. The male of the species only known as man will at some point asked to be relieved of his duty as bag handler so that he may rest and feed. A beating will then ensue. Eventually the women will exchange paper or sometimes a rectangular plastic card for the material she desires and they will leave for their nest, where the female will decide that her purchases were unsuitable.
The women went shopping with her male companion on Oxford Street, London. They were both holding hands. Unfortunately, after 2 years in a descent relationship with her he had not realised that she was a “proppershopper”. Days later his carcass was found bloodied and mutilated floating off the coast of Africa. All wounds appeared to be self inflicted.
by Mikeyjah June 23, 2006
Some annoying knobba that feels, (even though you don't like him) that chatting to you about noodles is much more important than the beautiful women that are stood directly behind him.
Bloke 1; 'Wow, Jimmy, look at those two girls getting it on'.
Bloke 2; 'I can't. This annoying fannyblocker is stood in the way. And he's talking about noodles'.
Bloke 1; 'What a fannyblocker'.
by Mikeyjah June 23, 2006
Tiny tiny people. Not dwarves or midgets or small people but people the size of thumbelina. The latter part of this word obviously describes their hieght, the first however indicates that they have a foul age old skin condition which probably doesn't exist anymore.
'A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 Thumbelina has leperacy. Oi Leper, can i dip my sarnie in it'.
'You leper-rachaun'.
by Mikeyjah June 20, 2006
1) The coming togather of man and woman.
2) A crappy scenario in which somebody does something to hurt you thinking they're funny, that can only be emphasized by a random assortment of swear words.
1) 'your boobs look nice love, i'd like to mingewank you'
2) 'ouch that hurt, your such a mingewank'
by Mikeyjah May 26, 2006

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