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5 definitions by Mikeyboy23

A Christian run fast food chain that closes on Sunday for religious reasons and specializes in chicken sandwiches and other chicken meals.
Chik-fil-a is always closed on Sunday. As if people don't eat on Sunday.
by Mikeyboy23 December 03, 2011
A series on HBO about a group of mostly hipster 20-somethings trying to hustle their way to the top in New York City. The show started in 2010 and opens with the song "I Need a Dollar" by Aloe Blacc.
How To Make It In America is on HBO
by Mikeyboy23 December 03, 2011
When someones eyes look in different directions. Usually one or both eyes will point towards the persons nose.

Usually its caused by a lazy eye, vision problem, retardation, or injury. More common is children than adults.
She would be hot if she wasn't so cross eyed.
by Mikeyboy23 December 03, 2011
When a human being has an upturned nose with nostrils that are larger than their eyes.
She has a pig face.
by Mikeyboy23 December 03, 2011
A woman who doesn't charge for sex.
She slept with him 2 hours after meeting him, what a slut!
by Mikeyboy23 December 02, 2011