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Superchill is the store brand soda from all super-valu chains. It is very common for employees, especially those from ACME chains, to dump out most of the can and replace it with cheap forms of alcohol, such as Jauquins, Banker's Club, of the legendary Crystal Palace. This allows the employees to discreetely get hammered while carrying out their hated and meaningless jobs. All combinations work wonders, but Crystal Palace and Rootbeer are needed to achieve maximum "Superchilling."
Employee 1: "Dude?! Why does your soda taste like flaming demon piss?"
Employee 2: "Cause bro, that's not soda. It's Superchill."
Employee 1: "Well that explains why my eyes started bleeding."


Steve: "Hey man, why is Kyle lying in the dairy box covered in puke?"
Mark: "He's still in there? Man he's been drinking Superchill since he started his shift."
Steve: "Let's go pelt him with egg's."
Mark: "Good idea. Lets get some of that Superchill first."
by MikeyD81289 October 24, 2009

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