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1. A moment is in which someone is totally weirded out by either life or the sketchy behavior of another person.

2. A slight panic attack-like reaction to too much sketchiness.
Gina's sketchout occured on account of seeing her ex's (who didn't want to be in a relationship) facebook relationship status changed to in a relationship one day after their breakup.
by Mikey27 January 09, 2010
a powerful flashback which evokes a previously experienced state of being totally sketched out.
When my friend played me and my ex's song while I was fucked up last friday, I experienced a sketchback.
by Mikey27 February 17, 2008
one's memory of an instance in which one was totally sketched out!
Watching that girl tripped out on acid gave me a sketchory of the time I was slipped some by accident.
by Mikey27 February 26, 2008
a phrase used while leaving a voicemail which imply that the person who was called needs to call or at least call back the person leaving the message. Otherwise the recipient would be a fool ass bitch.
Raven's voice mail message: I'm not able to get to my phone. You know what to do.

Tina: Girl, You will not believe that I am breakin' it down at this party with Diddy. He asked me to come along with his friends and he said I could invite you. Bitch call my dick!
by Mikey27 February 26, 2008

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