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A large stick of tasty beef, usually with some type of cream filling
Bob decided to whip out his big tasty beef stick for samantha
by Mikey-o April 27, 2003
The undelightful mishap which happens during creamation where your Penicular organ combusts, or explodifies.
I was about to have the greatest sex, until i had a penal combustion
by Mikey-o April 27, 2003
The power burning in your inner spirit that tells your engraving concious what to do. To control this great power, you must contact your inner light, and let the omen of the holy engravings flow through your mind. this clarity gives u great power of unthinkable possibilities.
by Mikey-o April 27, 2003
Jolly green giant puts some ranch dressing on a salad and tosses it.
I like to watch the jolly rancher channel.
by Mikey-o April 27, 2003
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