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Unlikely or impossible to be penised.
'Jerry was in prison for several years, but was never raped because he is so inphallicable.'
by Mikey to the S April 12, 2008
An action that is entirely random.
"Let's do some of that whatnottery!"
by Mikey to the S April 28, 2008
Any form of alcoholic beverage, including beer, wine coolers, and whiskey.
I drank so much boozeage, I ended up getting someone to penor me.

Lets go get some boozeage!
by Mikey to the S May 03, 2008
An exclamation of either anger, suprise, dismay, or joy.
What the fetch is going on here!

That fetching rules!
by Mikey to the S April 13, 2008

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