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A politician who hides the nuts, and bolts, of their policy until the last moment, where it is revealed to be something completely different and unexpected. A political transvestite, if you will.
Man, I sure hope Obama doesn't turn out to be an agenda benda.
by Mikey The Comic February 03, 2010
When you remix a retweet by adding your own thoughts to the end of it.
An example of Retwixing (retwixer's comment after initials).

RT @mezenscene: Ah, Vogue forums. Is there any question you CAN'T answer? MM: I'm sure if you throw them some physics they'll be stumped!
by Mikey The Comic January 05, 2010
When you pretend to be a homophobe, just to mess around with your gay friends.
Tom: I'll be bringing my homosexual lover to your party.
Mikey: Ewwwww gross :P
Tom: You're such a fauxmophobe.
by Mikey The Comic November 29, 2010
More than fo' shizzle.
Some person: Hey Mikey, are you SURE there will be tickets to your show tonight?
Mikey: Fo shizzle man! Actually, make that a five shizzle, I'm definite!
by Mikey The Comic August 13, 2011
1) An ignorant racist, aka, a racist.

2) A racist so ignorant, they don't even bother to get their stereotypes right.

3) A person who is too ignorant to know that what they're saying is actually racist.
1) Mel Gibson.

2) Jeff: Jim just wished Hiro a Happy Chinese New Year.
Steve: What? Hiro's Japanese!
Jeff: What an ignoracist!
Steve: Haha, you should totally coin that word on UD.
Jeff: I can't, that Australian comedian Mikey Mileos beat me to it.
Steve: Man, he's awesome!

3) Jim-Bob: Man, I ain't seen yous guys in a coons age!
Billy-Joe: Two coons ages, I reckon!
**in the above case both Jim-Bob and Billy-Joe are ignoracists
by Mikey The Comic December 26, 2010
When something is both dramatic and drastic. Note: it has nothing to do with gymnastic.
Whoa, that was dramastic man!
by Mikey The Comic November 17, 2009
The opposite of init which means "isn't it" often used to agree.

Outit means "get out of here", or more simply..."no it isn't".

init = agreement, question, exclaim,

Outit = non agreement, an answer, to leave or get away, withdraw

Outit is ultimately used to end something.
Blimey Bill: The weather in London is beautiful today, init?
Sophisticated Steve: Outit, mate. The weather's shite.
by Mikey The Comic November 23, 2010

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